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  2. Anonymous said: Imagine if Combeferre wore dress-type shoes all the time, just out of habit, because he likes looking nice and they're comfortable. Then he goes on a walk in the rain with the Amis and it just ends up with his feet being soaked and Courfeyrac just sighs because 'my god, you're an idiot but at least you're cute'


    Combeferre just really likes dress shoes with whatever outfit- he’s even been known to wear them with his dressing gown in his bedroom. Courfeyrac finds is adorable how he always wants to look his best and look presentable, and so doesn’t say anything negative ever about Combeferre’s fashion choices. After all, Courfeyrac himself wears odd things from charity shops, so he isn’t one to pass judgement on anybody else’s clothes.

    When it rains, Combeferre’s second favourite thing (aside from dress shoes) is splashing in puddles. He can be a dignified twenty three year old right up until there are puddles in the street, and then he’ll drag Courfeyrac with him into splashing. 

    That night, Combeferre’s dress shoes have to be put on the radiator next to Courfeyrac’s converse, and they both snuggle in front of the fire because, as expected, they’ve caught a cold.


  3. Anonymous said: Combeferre as a professional photographer from London on assignment in Paris (or wherever) and keeps running into Courfeyrac, who speaks very little English, and are both very clearly enamored with one another. In his very limited French, Ferre asks if he can photograph Courf and boom! a beautiful love story begins


    so, um, hi. I kind-of took your prompt, fell in love with it, vastly changed it, and started what is going to be a long thing. oops. but here is the beginning.

    “How’s it going in France?”

    Combeferre makes a disgruntled noise, cueing laughter from Grantaire over the phone.

    “That bad, huh?”

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  4. samyazaz said: Combeferre/Courfeyrac, Pirate AU


    "After it heals, maybe I can get a peg leg." Courfeyrac’s face is too pale and his voice too strained for that to be a proper joke, but Combeferre scowls at him anyway.

    He’s binding Courfeyrac’s mangled leg with a single-minded focus, ignoring his blistered, blotchy hands from when he had frantically pulled the bandages straight from the boiling water, and silently calls it his penance.


  5. Anonymous said: Courferre where Courf is a giant dork and hangs off of Ferre all the time and is super affectionate and Ferre pretends to hate it but in reality he thinks it's adorable and it makes him blush a lot


    Courfeyrac insists on even going to the supermarket with Combeferre, and they’ve decided that it’s their regular date place. Every Friday they go to do their shopping and:

    • Have dinner at the supermarket café.
    • Play hide and seek in the aisles.
    • Buy one random food item they’ve never bought before and use it in a recipe that night.
    • Push each other round in trolleys.
    • Have “self scan” races to see if they can beat their personal record for the amount of time it takes to pay for all their shopping.
    • Pay in advance for the person behind them so they surprise a stranger by paying for all their groceries.

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    read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/WEsO3S


    Living on two different continents doesn’t really make relationships easier.

    Words: 5446, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

    Series: Part 3 of transatlanticism

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    This always fucking gets me.

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    Even through looking at pictures I can hear her sing this

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    this is it. this is Captain America: The Winter Soldier summed up

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